Civil War Strategy – 10. Designer Notes

 10            D E S I G N E R    N O T E S

 10.1 Combat Model Adjustment

The combat model has been made more “open” to allow more user customization. Three key combat factors are specified in the CWS.INI file (on the starting cash position line – see the DATA FILES section for specific information).

  • ATKFAC – the base attacker casualty rate. Default is 11%. This value is adjusted, depending on whether the defender is in a fortified position and whether the attacker wins.
  • DEFAC – the base defender casualty rate. Default is 9%. This value is adjusted, depending on whether the defender is in a fortified position and whether the defender wins.
  • TCR – the total combat range. Default is 20. This is the limit of adjusted combat factors for both the attacker and defender. Lower factors than 20 will tend to make battle outcomes more influenced by random factors (luck). Higher factors than 20 will increasingly give the edge to the stronger army, particularly the one with the most troops. A value around 20 will cause the stronger side to generally win, but still leave enough element of luck that the weaker army can occasionally defeat a stronger foe.

 10.2  Game Concept

The game takes a strategic military point of view. There are essentially 3 theaters of war, the Mississippi River, central Tennessee, and Virginia. Combat revolves around the power of defensive (particularly fortified) positions, and cutting lines of retreat to isolate and capture armies. The Confederates must move quickly early in the game before superior Union resources overwhelm them. Likewise, the Union must press to victory (normally taking the Rebel capital) before time expires and the Rebels earn a victory by default as the European powers recognize them.

The game is intended first and foremost to be fun, and is basically a 2 player game. The computer AI ability is limited, and results may be quite a historical. The 2-player option offers more possibilities, but even here, historical accuracy is not claimed.

 10.3  Victory

The game checks for active victory conditions and automatically ends when they are met. (You do get a chance to override if you want to play just a LITTLE longer). You will get a good indication of how the game is going for your side from the information in the upper right hand part of the screen. There is a moving banner line displayed at screen bottom to warn you when a victory condition is about to be reached.


Will Hutsell