Civil War Battleset Manual – 3. Main Battle Screen


3.1   Main Battle Screen

The battle screens is divided into 4 zones as shown:

  • 1 – Battle Map
  • 2 – Armies
    •  Summary
    •  Data
  • 3 – Active
    • Unit
    • Data
  • 4 – Message Window

3.2   Battle Map

The battle map is based on a hexagonal layout, 27 hexes wide by 20 hexes high, with terrain features shown by EGA graphic icons. More complete information is provided on-line via the F1 help key.

  • forest/wooded terrain / slow
  • road / fast
  • bridge / fast
  • plowed field / slow (same as woods)
  • clear or open terrain / normal
  •  swamp/small stream / very slow
  • hill/elevation / slow
  • river/lake/water / prohibited
  • mountain / very slow
  • fortification / normal
  • objective  / normal
  • village/house / normal

3.3  ‘Terrain’ Command

A “T” (for Terrain) command has been added to show the terrain without units. This temporarily toggles the unit icons off, then replaces all visible units after you have viewed the terrain.

3.4   Armies Summary Data

The number of turns remaining in the battle is shown in the top section of this zone. A summary is given of the total losses incurred by each army and the number of turns each side has controlled the objective. The side you are playing is indicated by a ” character. The side currently controlling the objective is indicated by a ‘-‘ character.[1]

3.5   Active Unit Data

A summary is given for the player-controlled unit that is active, showing unit number, unit name, unit type, current strength, terrain, leadership, and morale. In addition, the time the unit will next be available for movement is shown.

If the unit is under ‘orders’, the message “ORDERS” will appear next to the unit number. The message “DUG IN” appears for entrenched units. The unit displayed is available for moving, is attacking, is being attacked, or is being ‘scanned’ by the cursor.

3.6   Message Window

The message window provides comments on battle maneuvers and outcomes as they occur. It also shows when the enemy (computer) is taking its turn. At the very beginning of the game, the enemy will take a longer turn as he sets his overall strategy. Afterwards, enemy turns will be quicker.

  1. [1]At some point I need to insert the actual ASCII characters that should be here.

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