Civil War Battleset Manual – 8. Other Commands – Menus




8.1   Unit Command Menu


This menu is accessed by pressing the F2 key when one of

your units is waiting for orders (is highlighted).

Menu           Hot key Equivalent




| Move to location |         M

| Intelligence     |         I

| Rest             |      (space bar)

| Game Options     |        —

| (special options)|      X,C,or F depending on unit type




– 23  –


8.2  Move to Location


This option is described in the Visibility and Movement section

above. Note that the group move to location option is not

available from the Unit Command menu.

8.3  Intelligence


This option causes cursor to appear on your highlighted

unit. The cursor may be moved to get strength and terrain

information on any unit that is currently visible. Press

‘esc’ when done. Placing the cursor over a friendly unit

will display that unit’s current status in the ‘active unit

data’ window.

If the friendly unit under the cursor is WAITed, it will

activate on its next time of action. (Note that this may not

be immediately).

Intelligence is useful to identify units that are weak or

are bogged down by terrain or combat and not likely to move

very soon. When doing an intelligence scan of friendly units

that are ‘under orders’ to go to a specific location, that

location is shown on the map and with a line connected to

the unit.

Use of the Intelligence command does not cost a turn. This

gives the human player more information in selecting units

to attack.

8.4  Rest


This option is described in elsewhere. The Wait option

allows units to repeatedly rest.

8.5  Game Options


This is another way to the game menu option (see below).

8.6  (special options)


This option will appear only if a General, Artillery, or

Infantry type unit is waiting for orders. It will give these


Cancel Orders   (General)

Fire            (Artillery)

Charge          (Infantry)

Note that all of these may be directly accessed using the

appropriate ‘hot key’. In addition, the ‘W’, ‘N’, and ‘F6’

commands may ONLY be accessed by hot keys.

8.7  Game Options


This menu is displayed by pressing the F3 key, or via the



– 24  –


unit command menu.

Menu           Hot key Equivalent


| GAME OPTIONS       |


| Order of Battle    |          O

| Game Score         |          G

| Screen Redraw      |          S

| Briefing           |         —


8.8  Order of Battle (‘O’)


This option gives a detailed listing of all your units and

their status, as well as listings of known (visible) enemy

units. While the information for your own units is accurate,

it is only approximately correct for enemy units. Units in

trouble will be shown in red.

8.9  Game Score (‘G’)


This option gives the current game score. The score depends

on the scoring factors and the current game status. Scoring

depends on relative casualties, number of units eliminated,

and number of turns of control of the objective. (A ‘


character will appear in the ‘Armies Summary Data’ zone next

to the word ‘Objective’ for the army controlling the

objective). The objective is ‘controlled’ by moving a

friendly unit onto the ‘é’ character on the battle map. ONCE


MOVES ONTO IT – you do not have to CONTINUE to occupy the

objective to get further credit for control.

8.10 Screen Redraw (‘S’)


This option redraws the screen.

8.11 Briefing


Information on the battle (background, objectives,

commanders, special problems, significance, etc.) will be

provided if it is available in the scenario.

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