Civil War Battleset Manual – 7. Hot Key Commands




7.1   Hot Keys


In addition to the movement and combat commands, there are

several commands available during the battle. Some of these

are accessed through the menus described later. Most can be

reached using ‘hot keys’ as described below.



– 22  –


Command                    Use


(space bar)| Rest the unit – skip a turn

G      | Game score

O      | Order of battle summary

Q      | Toggle between SOUND and QUIET

R      | RECON Mode Toggle *

S      | Screen redraw


I      | Intelligence on visible units

| and Activate WAITed units

J      | Check for valid stacking options

M      | Move to destination – give move orders

T      | Terrain – temporarily remove all unit icons

V      | View line of sight (All Units)

W      | Wait (All Units)


N      | iNspire Unit (General units only)

X      | Cancel orders (General units only)

F6     | Group Move to Destination (General units only)


C      | Charge (Infantry units only)


F      | Fire (Artillery, Napoleon, Horse Artillery only)


(F1)     | On line Help

(F2)     | Unit Command Menu

(F3)     | Game Options Menu

(F10)    | Return to main menu from game level

———–Å—————————————-                                    –

* When RECON is activated, ALL enemy units currently in the

battle will become visible, even if they are out of

visibility range. Eliminated units and units that are

delayed and have not yet appeared in the battle will NOT be


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