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  1. Dave M., I’m very grateful for having found https://hutsellgames.com. If you could, please share this with W.R.Hutsell. Recently, after finding an old backup CD of W.R.’s Civil War Strategy game (version 1.49) which I had paid for long ago, I was disappointed that the CD was unreadable. I was looking forward to playing it again on the DosBox emulator. Back in the day, I enjoyed that game so much, that my wife got upset with the hundreds of hours that I played it over the duration of several years.

    I lost my list of generals who had more ability, whenever I wanted to replace a general with less experience. Like replacing Pemberton with R.E.Lee after or before (depending on where troops are recruited) he moves to Vicksburg or railroads to Memphis. Same with J.E. Johnston in Richmond being replaced with J.E.B. Stuart after the first opening game move railroading to Manassas, This would oincide with Jackson drilling his troops in Front Royal to gain more experience before crossing the Potomac River to attack Harpers Ferry.

    The emulated DOS game you’ve provided on this website, works and plays exactly as I remember. Thank you Mr. Mackey! Even though I’m 71, with no experience programming, it would be nice to get the code for this game in order to start a small adventure adding more functionality to W.R.’s Civil War game. My reprogramming likely won’t happen, but if it does, then I would definitely share my code and results to you. Perhaps you could give me some coding tips.

    Anyway give W.R. Hutsell a pat on the back for me.


  2. Hi Dave,
    I downloaded CWS from microsoft and have not been able to find the file folder so I can change some things like I used to do when I was running windows xp. I have tried everything I know how to do.
    I also tried ww2 with DOSbox, and nothing seems to work.
    Thanks for any help.

  3. Mr Hutsells games are among my first ever Dos games I ever played about the civil war. It was fantastic! A landmark!

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