Civil War Strategy Game Now Available (FREE) in the Microsoft Store

So some exciting news I’ve been meaning to share – the Civil War Strategy Game is now available in the Microsoft Store (for free of course!). This is the way I’d recommend getting the software going forward. In the past we’ve had some issues with CWS being marked as “unsafe” by Windows, putting it through the Store involves a more extensive certification process on our end which results in more trust from Microsoft’s end.

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8 thoughts on “Civil War Strategy Game Now Available (FREE) in the Microsoft Store”

  1. I’d like to do all four of his games eventually…Been thinking about whether it might be worth running a crowdfunding campaign to raise a little for their development…

  2. The Wikipedia article on “Hutsell Computer War Games” says they have been “ported” for MAC but I don’t see that anywhere else. Is the information incorrect?

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