May 102018

Hi Everyone,

Its May 9th, 2018 (almost exactly a year after the release of version 2.00 [May 13th, 2017] – which in turn came 19 years after the previous release in 1998) and I am quite pleased to announce the release of Civil War Strategy Game Version 2.10!

This new release fixes several bugs that found their way into the 2.0 release as I moved the code from legacy QuickBasic to the more modern QB64. Among the bugs fixed:

  • Random events are back!
  • Some weird display issues are resolved!
  • The game shouldn’t occasionally crash!
  • The status box now actually is a box instead of the disjointed semi-box it was previously!

Ohh, and I’m sure there is more…but you get the idea.

Also, one important side note: once you’ve launched the game press Alt+F4 to make the game full screen…

Looking forward to diving back into the code and release another version much sooner after than this one followed 2.0.


Dave Mackey


  5 Responses to “Civil War Strategy Game 2.10 RELEASED!”

  1. LOVE the game but Im using Windows 10 and no matter what I do the box WON’T maximize. HELP! I’ve downloaded a maximizer but to NO avail. Only way is when I enlarge the entire screen by the zoom and that’s annoying to me. HELP!

    • Hi Creighton! Please try pressing Alt+Enter while you have the game in focus. It should maximize on Windows 10 as I’ve been successfully using this keystroke combination on my system running the same.

  2. Like the 2.10 But there is still no mouse support. PLEASE add mouse to the next release.
    BTW I am using XP sp3 and the only glitch is it keeps changing back to North (I mostly play South) Does that happen in other windows.

    THANKS for your continued updates.

    • Hi Carl,

      At this time I, unfortunately, don’t have time to add mouse support to the game as this would be a significant change.

      Very weird to hear that you have an issue with it switching back to North. I haven’t seen that anywhere else. Is this at the start of a new game? Every time you end a turn?


  3. Oh dear…I’ve played the 2.0 and earler versions since 98 and love them. Downloaded your latest last night and…disaster. On opening the zip file and clicking the application file Windows grumbles it’s unsafe….if you ignore this and pesist the Civil War header pops up but won’t open the game no matter how you click it. Rejected, redownloaded..same. What do you think is going on? Is this fixable? If not can I download Version 2.0 again…it doesn’t seem to be available.

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