May 102018

Hi Everyone,

Its May 9th, 2018 (almost exactly a year after the release of version 2.00 [May 13th, 2017] – which in turn came 19 years after the previous release in 1998) and I am quite pleased to announce the release of Civil War Strategy Game Version 2.10!

This new release fixes several bugs that found their way into the 2.0 release as I moved the code from legacy QuickBasic to the more modern QB64. Among the bugs fixed:

  • Random events are back!
  • Some weird display issues are resolved!
  • The game shouldn’t occasionally crash!
  • The status box now actually is a box instead of the disjointed semi-box it was previously!

Ohh, and I’m sure there is more…but you get the idea.

Also, one important side note: once you’ve launched the game press Alt+F4 to make the game full screen…

Looking forward to diving back into the code and release another version much sooner after than this one followed 2.0.


Dave Mackey


  2 Responses to “Civil War Strategy Game 2.10 RELEASED!”

  1. LOVE the game but Im using Windows 10 and no matter what I do the box WON’T maximize. HELP! I’ve downloaded a maximizer but to NO avail. Only way is when I enlarge the entire screen by the zoom and that’s annoying to me. HELP!

    • Hi Creighton! Please try pressing Alt+Enter while you have the game in focus. It should maximize on Windows 10 as I’ve been successfully using this keystroke combination on my system running the same.

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